Smarter Choices with the Loop

Feedback loops reward customers for profitable and sustainable behaviour, and provide better travel experiences with convenient connections using smart and integrated technologies.


Loop Connections is a toolkit of services to manage travel demand to ensure profitable and sustainable transport delivery. For many transport services increased demand is needed, particularly at low demand times of day to ensure viable and sustainable service delivery. Sometimes demand is too high for the sustainable development needs of a community and alternative travel or access solutions are needed. Feedback through the Loop helps to balance supply and demand.

Smart ticketing solutions are used to optimise the willingness of traveller to pay for solutions that meet their needs. Impacts from ‘smarter choices’ marketing can lead to step changes in behaviour. The Loop toolkit enables a new more flexible generation of travel plans and marketing. The pilot approach in Wigan was awarded the ACT Travelwise Innovation Award.

Mass adoption of smart phones is making new things possible. Personalised tariffs for customers can be managed through the Loop customer relationships portal. The latest mobile marketing techniques allow connected experiences on the move changing the context in which people decide how, where and when to travel.

Four steps are are used to nudge travellers toward smarter travel choices:

  • Targeted personalised offers.
  • Analyse travel patterns and preferences of customers.
  • Timely feedback requests.
  • Follow up with one touch repeat offers.

Dynamic customer information and linked customer offers offer travellers a compelling travel experience. The approach can be used to pay for parking, bus travel, rail travel, ferries, community transport and associated retail offers. By making a more comprehensive offer to consumers the Loop integrates transport modes with the wider economy and society.

How do I get in the Loop?

About the Project

  • Loop Connections Ltd.
  • Project timescale: 2009 to 2012.
  • For more information contact: Derek Halden.

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