What We Do

We specialise in making connections between people and places. Whether it be a new housing development, a new road or railway, or a smartphone app we design and deliver solutions to join up the economy and society. Our customers and partners particularly commend our skills in ensuring workable solutions, following through solutions to delivery and our resilience and commitment to overcome problems.

Planning Access for People and Places

Although better accessibility is widely stated as the main goal of improved transport, too often the focus of transport projects is on mobility and moving people rather than accessibility benefits. If accessibility is not planned then it is often not delivered, with unintended consequences of transport changes being inequitable and inefficient changes in mobility. By maintaining the focus on better accessibility throughout planning and design stages the changes to transport, land use, information, and service delivery becomes better aligned with the needs of the economy and society.

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Design and Technology

Attractive places to live and work depend on the layout of open spaces, streets, parking, and road and transport design. Much of our design work is undertaken for developers and architects for housing, retail, leisure and office developments. Our integrated approach ensures that approaches to roads, traffic and transport design reflect the ethos and aims of local people for each space and land use. We make these connections by integrating social goals through technology to ensure that organisational, business and social networks are as much part of the design as the roads and railways.

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Door to Door Public and Community Transport Solutions

When we plan better buses, taxis or demand responsive transport services we include all stages of the journeys. This means that better use is made of the transport solution, regardless of the approach being taken.

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Economics, Appraisal and Modelling

Understanding the benefits of transport improvements is key to making better investment choices. Our modelling and analysis includes working on some of the largest transport investments such as the HS2 rail investment and the A9 Perth to Inverness road investment strategy and also ensuring that small projects such as the installation of cycle parking are appraised with proportionate rigour. Some of our appraisal guides have been adopted into national standards such as WebTAG and Scottish Transport Appraisal Guidance.

Full details of these projects are summarised here.

Policy and Planning, Travel Plans, Health and School Travel

Too often policy is what transport authorities say rather than what they do. Our practical approaches turn complex multi-disciplinary policy into effective delivery strategies, from active travel promotion to net-zero transport system design.

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Managing Personal Travel (including Travel Behaviour Change)

It is people that shape transport systems through how they travel, vote for governments, purchase vehicles and services and influence others. Helping people make batter choices includes a wide range of information, marketing, research and promotional projects.

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