Managing Personal Travel (including Travel Behaviour Change)

A selection of projects with links to published reports are shown below:

  • Smarter Choices Smarter Places (2013) – The results of the four year project to monitor and evaluate smarter travel in seven demonstration towns in Scotland has been completed.
  • Smarter Choices Smarter Places Surveys (2012) – DHC managed surveys of over 10,000 households, 20 focus groups, and a large programme of other surveys as part of the monitoring and evaluation of the Scottish sustainable travel towns.
  • Access to Health Services (2008) – This project for SPT is looking at how Public Transport Information can be personalised to assist users in using Public Transport to get to health appointments.
  • Investigation into the Travel Behaviour of Visitors to Scotland (2006) – This project with Strathclyde University for the Scottish Executive examined travel behaviour data, policies and theory to understand the factors affecting tourist travel.
  • Impacts of ICT on travel behaviour in Scotland (2005) – This research for the Scottish Executive reviewed existing research, multiple data sources and economic forecasts to estimate the overall impact of e-behaviour change on travel.
  • Merseyside Travelwise Individualised Marketing Project (2005) – DHC designed and delivered and individualised marketeing project including personalised travel planning for a target population of 20,000 households on Merseyside.
  • Scottish Household Survey Topic report – Accessibility and Transport (2004-05) (PDF, 108KB) – Project for the Scottish Executive with Napier University. Making connections between policy-driven and data-driven approaches to accessibility problems.
  • Co-ordinating Individual Action Programmes – CO-OPERATE (2003-04) (PDF, 67KB) – This project for DfT and EPSRC reviewed techniques for widening ownership of transport problems and solutions. The work identified practical approaches for understanding motivations and harnessing them towards transport delivery. Additional CO-OPERATE papers are also available.
  • Transport Factors Affecting Patient Attendance (2004) (PDF, 94KB) – This project for DfT, Lincolnshire County Council and the North West Strategic Health Authority used focus groups and correlations of patient attendance data with accessibility to identify the relationship between transport and missed appointments.
  • Overcoming Barriers to Modal Shift (2003) (PDF, 80KB) – Undertaken to inform Scottish Executive policy on barriers to travelling by public transport, walking and cycling and made particular recommendations for policy change on public transport and delivery of travel awareness initiatives.
  • Children’s Attitudes to Sustainable Transport (2003) – For the Scottish Executive, investigated how educational and other influences on children affect their attitudes and behaviour and why children in Scotland develop different attitudes to transport from their counterparts in other countries.
  • Review and Guidance on Safer Routes to School (1997-1998) (PDF, 90KB) – This research for the Scottish Executive recommended a more integrated approach to planning school transport and developed national guidance on how to achieve best practice. Download the guidance here.

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