Relationships between Transport and Rural Economies

Although transport and communications are the glue that hold together the economy and society, the critical relationships are not always understood when important decisions are made. At a time of administrative transition in the management of rural transport, this project shows what really matters to help all agencies work together to support rural development.


The research had four overall aims:

  • Collate what is known from existing literature about the links between transport and rural economies, and the transport needs of rural businesses.
  • Apply evaluation and thought to the literature to develop the theory relating transport and rural economies.
  • Carry out survey work to test the theories developed.
  • Formulate simple verbal theoretical models to explain the ways in which transport can most effectively benefit rural economies, and present other conclusions arising from this work.

For further details, read the final report (PDF, 1.4 MB).

About the Project

  • Client: Countryside Agency.
  • Project completed: 2005.
  • For more information contact: Derek Halden.

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