Employee Accessibility to Scottish Airports

This work demonstrated how to use accessibility mapping to support the development of staff travel plans. Business travel plans are a key tool for employers to manage social, economic, and environmental aspects of travel. Public transport accessibility mapping can use readily available Traveline data to specify current systems.


Public transport coverage and inclusion of Social Inclusion Partnerships (SIP) areas

Public transport coverage and inclusion of Social Inclusion Partnerships (SIP) areas

Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen airports are major employers in Scotland. The growing demand for air travel and plans for expanding runway capacity at Edinburgh and Glasgow means that Scottish Airports will need to attract more people to fill vacancies in the future.

BAA Scottish Airports Surface Access Strategies also include targets to improve access to employment.

To inform the development of the airport staff travel plans the population catchments were analysed concentrating particularly on public transport access from areas of high unemployment.

For each of the target areas defined by the analysis, a number of options have been recommended to improve access for unemployed people to job opportunities at the airport. These include:

  • Changes to public transport services and infrastructure.
  • Improvements in softer transport measures such as information.
  • Joint working with other agencies (for example, Social Inclusion Partnerships) to tackle lifestyle and skill barriers.

About the Project

  • Client: BAA.
  • Project completed: 2004.
  • For more information contact: Derek Halden.

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