Policy and Planning

A selection of transport policy and planning pojects are shown below:

  • The Future of Retail Property: Future Transport (2006) – For the British Council of Shopping Centres. The review is identifying the factors that will affect transport change and predicting what users can expect from future transport systems.
  • Evaluation of the Economic and Social Impacts of the Skye Bridge (2006) – This work for Highlands and Islands Enterprise and HITRANS is reviewing how ferry, bridge and price changes have affected travel patterns in the ten years since the Skye bridge opened.
  • Impacts of ICT on travel behaviour in Scotland (2005) – This research for the Scottish Executive reviewed existing research, multiple data sources and economic forecasts to estimate the overall impact of e-behaviour change on travel.
  • Development and Transport in the Inner Moray Firth (2005) – This project for Highlands and Islands Enterprise reviewed the implications of planned development in the Inner Moray Firth, particularly on the strategic road network.
  • Transport and Rural Economies (2004-05) – This work for the Countryside Agency reviewed how local and strategic accessibility affected the economic prospects for communities through economic linkages for access to work and other services. It developed understanding of the ways in which transport interacts with the wider economy and how to take account of these interactions in community and transport planning.
  • City Region Boundaries Study (2002) – This work for the Scottish Executive and looked at travel to work patterns, transport links, housing market areas and retail catchments for each of Scotland’s four largest cities. It was used to inform the national review of strategic planning and the national cities review.
  • Settlements Services and Access (2001-2004) – This project with Aberdeen University and UK government departments led by Treasury, reviewed the cross-sectoral nature of accessibility concepts and developed a methodological approach for evaluating accessibility related policies.
  • Planning and Transport in Wales (2001) – For the Welsh Assembly Government with Steer Davies Gleave. As part of the development of the national spatial strategy in Wales this research reviewed data availability and accessibility measuring techniques that could be used in land use planning by each tier of government.
  • Integrated Transport and Economic Development (1997) – A review for Scottish Enterprise of the implications of the integrated transport white paper for economic development activity across Scotland. The work including reviewing the linkages between transport and economic development and how the activities of the Enterprise Network related to these.
  • Review of Transport Policy and Research Needs (1996-97) – A review was undertaken for the World Wildlife Fund on the challenges facing transport policy and recommending how a more evidence based approach could be adopted to policy. The work involved, an extensive literature review and consultation with relevant agencies.

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Active Travel, Health and Managing Travel Demand

  • Joint Retail Loyalty and Smart Ticketing in Wigan (2013) (PDF, 549 KB) – After 5 years the research into integrating retail rewards and smarter travel in Wigan was completed. The Project Summary Report shows that targeted integration of transport has great potential for the future.
  • UK Travel Time Maps and Data (2011) – DHC has pioneered accessibility modelling and mapping and now offers off the shelf indicators and maps to suit every budget. Loop Connections retails products for travel planning, development planning and local transport planning.
  • Smart Ticketing for the Mobile Generation (2011) – DHC has developed a pioneering approach to make connections between information, payment and sustainable travel choices.
  • Access to Health Services (2008) – This project for SPT is looking at how Public Transport Information can be personalised to assist users in using Public Transport to get to health appointments.
  • Transport with Care (2007) – This project for NHS Dumfries and Galloway, the Scottish Executive Efficient Government Unit, the Scottish Ambulance Service, and Dumfries and Galloway Council is managing the delivery of integrated high care needs transport in Dumfries and Galloway.
  • Evaluating the School Travel Co-ordinator Initiative (2005) DHC investigated the role of School Travel Co-ordinators (STCs) for the Scottish Executive, including reviewing the coverage and effectiveness of school travel planning.
  • Merseyside Travelwise Individualised Marketing Project (2005) – DHC designed and delivered and individualised marketing project including personalised travel planning for a target population of 20,000 households on Merseyside.
  • Review of Patient Transport Works Project (2005) – Project for Greater Easterhouse Development Company and NHS Glasgow linking an employability initiative with improved cancer paitient transport.
  • Access to Healthcare in Southport and Formby (2004-5) (PDF, 258KB) – This project for Merseytravel and Southport and Formby Primary Care Trust (PCT) identified ways to tackle accessibility and social inclusion in the Southport and Formby area.
  • Relocation of the Royal Liverpool Hospital (2004) (PDF, 363KB) – For North Mersey Future Healthcare project and DfT. The work examined options for hospital relocation by mapping the accessibility of alternative options.
  • Transport Factors Affecting Patient Attendance (2004) (PDF, 94KB) – This project for DfT, Lincolnshire County Council and the North West Strategic Health Authority used focus groups and correlations of patient attendance data with accessibility to identify the relationship between transport and missed appointments.
  • Children’s Attitudes to Sustainable Transport (2003) – For the Scottish Executive, investigated how educational and other influences on children affect their attitudes and behaviour and why children in Scotland develop different attitudes to transport from their counterparts in other countries.
  • Evaluation of Health and Social Economy Project (2003) (PDF, 110KB) – For Greater Easterhouse Development Company Ltd and NHS Glasgow. The review made recommendations on the integration of social economy initiatives including community transport services within Greater Easterhouse.
  • Overcoming Barriers to Modal Shift (2003) (PDF, 80KB) – Undertaken to inform Scottish Executive policy on barriers to travelling by public transport, walking and cycling and made particular recommendations for policy change on public transport and delivery of travel awareness initiatives.
  • Review of School Travel (2001) (PDF, 214 KB) – For the Scottish School Travel Advisory Group, this project examined best international practice to help inform the recommendations of the Advisory group to ministers.
  • Review and Guidance on Safer Routes to School (1997-1998) (PDF, 90KB) – This research for the Scottish Executive recommended a more integrated approach to planning school transport and developed national guidance on how to achieve best practice.

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