Planning and Transport in Wales

Undertaken for The National Assembly for Wales, this project sought to produce a methodological tool for evaluating accessibility related policies in rural Britain and analysis and evaluation of selected accessibility related policies instruments.


Key findings include:

  • The Social Exclusion Unit noted that responsibility for transport and access to services is divided among government departments, and that there is a similar division of responsibility at local level.
  • Policy makers need to measure and evaluate the accessibility outcomes of policies.
  • The project has developed a methodological tool for systematically appraising the accessibility impacts of policies. This has been termed Accessibility Policy Appraisal Tool (APAT). The tool has been conceived in a broad concept of accessibility, but has been developed and tested in the specific contect of rural accessibility.
  • The delivery of APAT is timely. It provides a tool which, for example, can be used as part of the accessibility planning process for England being developed by the Department for Transport in 2003/2004.

About the Project

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