City Region Boundaries Study

This project for the Scottish Executive looked at travel to work patterns, transport links, housing market areas and retail catchments for each of Scotland’s four largest cities. It is being used to inform the national review of strategic planning and the national cities review.


Travel to Work Areas based on patterns in 1999-2001.

Travel to Work Areas based on patterns in 1999-2001.

A review of the role of Scotland’s cities started in 2001, and is scheduled for conclusion in 2002. It is examining the current prospects for the economic, environmental and social development of the cities. In parallel with this review, an overhaul of the planning system is being suggested by the Scottish Executive. Rather than continuing with comprehensive coverage of Structure Plans it has been proposed that future strategic plans would only be needed for strategic issues likely to cross local authority boundaries.

To inform both of these reviews DHC was commissioned to identify cross boundary linkages between the four largest cities (Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee and Aberdeen) and other parts of Scotland. The project included consultation with the 32 Scottish Councils on existing analysis of cross boundary issues, and mapping of travel to work areas, retail catchments, housing market areas and transport links.

The work involved extensive use of our in house GIS systems and the Scottish Household Survey data was used to analyse travel patterns.

About the Project

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