Aberdeenshire Demand Responsive Transport Monitoring

This Aberdeenshire Council DRT project is a pilot scheme funded by the Scottish Executive to explore innovative routes to improving the delivery of rural transport services. As well as tackling coordination of transport resources and key stakeholders the project assessed the effectiveness of a DRT system in this context to enhance accessibility and social inclusion in two pilot areas.


DHC have been assisting Aberdeenshire Council throughout the development of this pilot project. Using their knowledge of state of the art literature on rural transport and DRT provision, DHC have developed the service design and operation of the schemes for the Council. These services designs were informed by public consultations, meetings with local commercial and community transport operators, and an in depth evaluation of the existing transport coverage in the pilot areas.

The DRT services began operation in summer 2004 and are using the latest Information and Communication Technologies to control and monitor bookings and vehicles, which DHC assisted the Council in procuring.

DHC has been monitoring the operation of these services through user surveys and evaluation of user travel data sourced from the DRT control software. This research has been used to advise on the continual development of the system. As lessons are learned and publicity grows from the initial services, the scheme as a whole will develop and further integration and co-ordination of transport resources will be achieved across Aberdeenshire.

About the Project

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