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DHC delivers consultancy, planning and research services on integrated transport and related topics to a wide range of public and private sector clients. We start from the perspective of users of systems to ensure that providers deliver sustainable and inclusive solutions adding value to traditional approaches and challenging established practices.

In our projects we try to use the language of transport users wherever possible such as “access to services” and “safe routes to town centres”. Our award winning customer relationship platform The Loop incorporates the accessibility planning approach within new smartphone apps.

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Why DHC?

DHC delivers consultancy and research on transport, accessibility, infrastructure and regeneration to a wide range of public and private sector clients. We have pioneered many new approaches taking concepts from theory to practice. DHC has helped to prepare official national guidance for central Government on development planning, planning access to services and organising community and stakeholder involvement in transport delivery.

DHC uses state of the art technology to ensure that solutions are efficient, flexible and progressive. Our pioneering services for accessibility indicators and smartphone apps are increasingly widely adopted by clients and partners.

DHC aims to:

  • Tailor methods and results to the needs of our clients.
  • Deliver products on time and within agreed budgets.
  • Produce high quality output which adds value for our clients.
  • Understand barriers to change, and break down those barriers.

We specialise in projects where:

  • A novel or innovative methodology can be applied to the work, or
  • High level skills are needed to understand and develop new concepts.

Our clients regularly tell us that we provide added value, we identify solutions which can be acted on, and that our commitment and enthusiasm to secure practical delivery sets us apart from other competing organisations.


DHC is built on the skills, enthusiasm, experience and innovation of its staff. DHC can draw on an extensive network of specialists from psychologists to engineers who have worked with us on projects over the two decades years. This page contains a short profile of staff who regularly work on DHC projects.

Derek Halden

Derek Halden established DHC in 1996. Derek has experience of shaping many aspects of modern civic society from positions within consultancy, local government, central government and research. Derek is best known for his work “Making the Connections” using a focus on the needs of people and businesses to plan better accessibility. His work covers all aspects of place making, investing in people, and improving the connections between people and places through transport and communications.

Email: derek.halden@dhc1.co.uk. Twitter: @DerekHalden. Telephone: +44(0)131 524 9610.

Stacy Rendall

Stacy is a transport consultant and researcher from New Zealand, currently in the UK for two years. Stacy contributed to neighbourhood accessibility planning work in New Zealand led by Abley Transportation Consultants for the national transport authority, which DHC inputted to, and will be working on similar projects in the UK. Stacy has a PhD in Energy Systems Engineering and has developed GIS and web based tools for analysing system level effects for the design of resilient transport and energy systems. During his time in the UK he will be assisting DHC with systems development, and smart places and travel projects.

Email: stacy.rendall@dhc1.co.uk. Telephone: +44(0)131 524 9610.

Meriel Young

Meriel is a chartered marketer with 20 years experience delivering environmental; communication, engagement and improvement programmes. Meriel spent over 8 years as a board member on  the Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park Authority covering all aspects of corporate governance including visitor management strategy and communications. She specialises in promoting active experiences related to the natural and built environment and has worked with DHC on projects since 2014.

Email: meriel.young@dhc1.co.uk. Telephone: +44(0)131 524 9610.

Tim Howgego

Tim cut his teeth in the world of transport planning with Transport for London, Birmingham City Council and the TAS Partnership and since 2005 has been helping DHC develop our online and analytical tools.

Email: tim.howgego@dhc1.co.uk. Telephone: +44(0)131 524 9610.

Martin Fleming

Martin Fleming has worked with DHC since 2005. He is an experienced economist and market researcher and has worked on socio-economic analysis and appraisal projects. Martin has extensive experience as a senior manager in the utility industry and specialises in change management.

Email: martin.fleming@dhc1.co.uk. Telephone: +44(0)131 524 9610.



Freelance Specialists

Our core staff are supported by a wider range of other staff who have expertise in areas such as data and research, computing, economics, network management, psychology, engineering and design, and modelling. They contribute to projects when required.

We are always pleased to hear from people who would be prepared to work on DHC projects.


DHC’s clients range from small community transport operators to national governments including property developers, architects, surveyors, central government, local covernment and community groups.


Working for DHC

DHC is always looking to work with the brightest talent and we encourage people who want to work with us to get in touch. DHC was originally built up as a network of freelance specialists who contributed towards specific projects but the firm retains a core staff to manage project delivery. Our ability to call on the services of a wide range of specialists remains an important part of the business.

We can also offer a range of full and part time opportunities for individuals prepared to work in our Edinburgh offices, from paid one-day-a-week student internships to full-time consultant roles. DHC is a very flexible employer, providing attractive pay and conditions packages to suit individual circumstances. If these opportunities are of interest please contact Derek Halden.

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